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ABOUT Heartkids

HeartKids Qld Inc is a not for profit organization which was formally known as “Heart to Heart” Cardiac Support Group Inc. Our group has grown from a small group of parents meeting informally for support in 1984, to representing & servicing the needs of HeartKids and their families throughout Queensland & Northern New South Wales in regards to Awareness, Advocacy and Support. HeartKids collectively pool their resources on a national level to undertake research in regards to Childhood Heart Disease.

The Group became an Incorporated Charity in 1988 and also is a deductible gift recipient. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. All money raised is directed to enhancing the lives of all Heart Children and their families, through information and providing non medical support and understanding.

Each of the families involved with this group have discovered what it is like to be faced with the traumatic news that their child has a heart condition.

All people cope differently, but there are times when it helps to make contact with other people who have been in a similar situation and can listen and give support when it is needed.

We believe that parents who are well informed and supported are better able to cope with the day to day management of their Heart Child and recognise that the number of questions that are encountered are not always medical.

On a parent to parent basis we try to help one another find workable solutions to problems and in doing so, gain confidence in our ability to cope. All members work on a voluntary basis.

Contribution of time etc. is not necessary but when a member feels he or she can cope and would like to help, it is greatly welcomed.

All money raised is directed toward enhancing the lives of all heart children and their families. Carter's Cause Inc. have been authroised to raise funds for Heartkids..